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Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is never easy. It takes an average of at least two years to fully recover from such a trauma and it can affect you in many different ways, both emotionally and physically.

Bereavement Counselling can be of enormous value in helping you through this most difficult period in your life. However, many other forms of loss can also have a devastating effect on your life. Losing your home or job for example or the loss of a loved one through the breakdown of a marriage, partnership, any relationship even a close friendship can leave you feeling lost, bewildered and unloved.

Indeed any significant loss will have a detrimental effect on your normal life, leading to stress and all the problems that result from it. Depression means very low moods and grief and loss are often the main triggers and cause of depression. Counselling is particularly rewarding, as talking things through and addressing your emotions with someone outside your circle of family and friends can be very helpful in these situations.

As experienced counsellors, as well as being excellent listeners, we can give you gentle guidance and bring understanding. This can then help you to come to terms with your loss, help you reach a place of acceptance and resolution and show you a way forward.