Professional Peer Group Support

Being a therapist is a very special occupation and a great privilege. But it can also be an isolating and lonely place to be if you work independently and for yourself, privately and from your own home.

Meeting regularly with other like-minded professionals is really important to your own well-being and self-care.

However, like any other business, counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and the healing therapies can create a sense of competition amongst its professionals, and in our experience this can only serve to reinforce a sense of distance from your colleagues.

Our intentions at Swans Therapy are not at all competitive. It is our sincere desire to create a local community of therapists who are all working towards the same goal, which is to be of optimum service to the people of Bournemouth, Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Being part of a Professional Peer Group Support is being part of a mature group of therapists, coming together to discuss, and debate and share personal experiences, new research, developments and new learnings from CDP courses etc. News and updates from various governing bodies.

A strict policy of confidentiality will be adhered to in order for the group to feel safe, and for it to grow organically and flourish in the very best of interest for all the therapists in attendance.

Open Group meetings are on the first Monday of every month from 7.00pm – 9.00pm