Anger Management

Anger is a very powerful emotion, which can be harmful both to you and to others around you. It is often directed at those closest to you whether they are the cause of your anger or not, causing family upsets and also problems in social and working relationships.

In this program we will look at where your anger is coming from, be it in the distant past or something more recent and work to change your thoughts and reactions around that so you can become calmer. We will look at how the anger manifests itself and how it affects you physically and emotionally as well as examining the effect it has on others around you.

The good news is that with a little learning and practice, anger can be turned into a positive emotion, motivating you to achieve a goal or resolve a difficult situation, a force for good instead of bad. Learning to take control of your angry feelings will make you much more calm, relaxed and confident, improve your relationships with family and friends and improve your health, reducing high blood pressure and lessening the chance of heart problems caused by constantly being in an agitated state.

  • Together, we will examine the source of your anger so that it can be addressed and reduced.
  • You will learn about the harmful physical effects that anger can cause and how to avoid them.
  • You will learn helpful communication skills so that problems can be resolved without conflict.
  • You will learn easy and useful techniques to calm yourself down quickly.

There is a tried and tested formula for all of the six session programs, but each can be adapted to your particular needs after an initial discussion and assessment in the first session.

Save £60.00 now, £360.00 for 6 x 1hour sessions or £300.00 paid in advance.

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