Welcome to a range of free Info Sheets & MP3 downloads by Joy Sackett Wood

After many years of successful private clinical hypnotherapy practice, Joy is delighted to have launched this selection of the most frequently addressed issues and concerns. These MP3 downloads and Info Sheets are not intended to replace personalised hypnotherapy sessions, but to compliment the therapeutic work that takes place in therapy either with us or with your own hypnotherapist and serve as a self-help support tool.

Joy hopes you receive and thoroughly enjoy the long term benefits that will come from repeated listening.

  • Disclaimer – Do not play MP3s while driving a vehicle or operating machinery of any kind.
  • Please note: This range of MP3 downloads all begin with similar introductions this is intended to embed the relaxation into the subconscious mind by repetition, to further enhance the positive changes that you desire.
Confidence & Self Esteem Booster Audiobook

Confidence & Self Esteem – Audio Guide

Build yourself up and realise your full potential with these powerful suggestions for your mental, physical and spiritual improvement, empowering you to enjoy your daily

Pain Management Audiobook

Pain Management – Audio Guide

A gentle relaxation, followed by powerful suggestions to help you to reduce the level of long term pain and discomfort, giving you back a measure

Peaceful Sleep Audiobook

Peaceful Sleep – Audio Guide

Designed to be played at bedtime to help you get to sleep quickly and easily, followed by suggestions for a full restful, satisfying, refreshing night’s

Public Speaking Audiobook

Public Speaking – Audio Guide

Something that many people dread, but this will give you the confidence to stand up, and speak clearly and confidently to get your message across

Relaxation and Wellbeing Audiobook

Relaxation & Wellbeing – Audio Guide

A gentle and soothing relaxation, followed by positive suggestions to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. Boosting your own natural inner healing abilities and

Being a Non-Smoker Audiobook

Stop Smoking – Audio Guide

A powerful message with strong suggestions to build the motivation to stop smoking and give you the tools to kick that smoking habit for good.

Weight Loss Audiobook

Weight Loss – Audio Guide

Practical and realistic Ideas and suggestions to motivate and encourage you to lose weight and change your relationship with food for good.

Anti-Stress Info Sheet

Anti-Stress – Info Sheet

Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, anxious or angry. However, your stress levels can be reduced by understanding

Weight Loss – Info Sheet

Sample: All diets are based on either deprivation or starvation, which means that, however strong your motivation you will have to cut down or do

Stop Smoking Info Sheet

Stop Smoking – Info Sheet

Sample: Like most smokers, you have probably ‘quit smoking’ several times already. Quitting is the easy part, the hard part is not starting again. Hypnotherapy works