Would you like to become a natural healer? Joy offers training in Reiki and HypnoReiki


Joy Sackett Wood – Reiki Master Teacher

If you would like to learn Reiki with Joy please call her on 07919 051956.

There are 4 recognised levels within the Usui System of Natural Healing approved by the UK Reiki Federation and Usui reiki lineage.

Joy can teach and guide you through these levels as you grow and develop and she will continue to support you as you become more attuned to Reiki energy and healing

Reiki Level 1 – First Degree

Foundation, this course runs over two days to ensure you receive quality teaching, individual attention and plenty of supervised practice within a very comfortable and pleasant learning environment of Joy’s Peace Haven cabin.

This Level 1 course is taught in accordance with the UK Reiki Federation recommendations and will enable you to begin your reiki journey with plenty of encouragement and support.

  • You will learn the history of the Usui Natural Healing System & lineage.
  • Raise your self-awareness of the energetic world around you and within you and surrounding you – chakras and bio energy fields.
  • Learn how this awareness grows in personal development.
  • You will become attuned to the reiki healing energy.
  • How to allow the reiki healing energy to flow through you for the benefit of healing yourself, your friends, your family, animals and plants.

You will receive a comprehensive manual, certificate & a delicious lunch on both days all-inclusive in the fee – Reiki Level 1 / £175.00 for two days, courses are usually held on a Saturday & Sunday.

  • Dates for all levels of Joy’s reiki training are negotiated between you and Joy due to Joy’s varied diary and commitments. Numbers are also limited to 2 – 4 students on each course at any one time to allow for maximum attention and personal development.
  • All training takes place within Joy’s beautiful cabin, ‘Peace Haven’.
  • On every reiki training day, a delicious lunch is provided, (whatever your dietary needs thanks to John who loves cooking!).

Joy aims to make your Reiki learning experience to be as fulfilling, enjoyable, and personable as possible.

Level 2 – Second Degree / Reiki

Practitioner, this course is also held over two days to allow for individual attention, quality teaching with plenty of supervised practice.

This Level 2 course is taught in accordance to the UK Reiki Federation recommendations, syllabus / criteria and will enable you to further raise your confidence to work independently with clients of your own should you wish to do so.

  • You will receive three of the reiki energy symbols and advanced attunements, which will raise your personal energy levels.
  • You will learn what each symbol represents and how to apply them appropriately in your healing work in accordance to our Usui lineage.
  • You will also learn how to continue to develop as a practitioner.
  • You will receive a comprehensive manual and certificate.

Level 3 – Third Degree / Reiki Master

Master Practitioner, this course is also held over two days to allow for quality teaching, individual attention and supervised practice.

This Level 3 course really increases your energetic levels and provides you with advanced practice techniques that equips you to the higher level of knowledge and ability. Achieving this level is an indication of a good and committed practitioner. Taught in accordance to the UK Reiki Federation syllabus, criteria and Usui linage.

  • You will receive the Master energy symbol and further advanced attunement.
  • A comprehensive manual and certificate.

Level 4 – Reiki / Master Teacher

Master Teacher/Practitioner, this course is the most advanced level for those of you who wish to pass on your knowledge and skills to teach reiki to others. Again, held over two days to allow for quality teaching, individual attention and supervised practice.

This Level 4 course is the ultimate progression of your reiki journey. People who reach this level are dedicated reiki practitioners who are highly committed to the natural healing system of reiki and desire to heal others. Taught in accordance to the UK Reiki Federation syllabus/criteria.

  • You will learn how to teach Reiki and give attunements in accordance to our Usui lineage.
  • You will receive your final Master / Teacher energy attunement to even further advance your energetic levels.
  • A comprehensive manual and certificate.

Reiki Shares – for all reiki levels, to keep up your reiki skills and practice, Joy provides the time and opportunity once a month, usually on a Sunday morning from 10.00am – 12.00pm in ‘Peace Haven’ cabin to meet up socially and professionally to share practice and give healing to each other.

Contribution – £7 per session, please contact Joy for available dates.

Due to the limited space in the cabin Joy asks that you contact her to confirm your attendance a week prior to each session.

Would you like to know about Joy’s story about her own Reiki Journey? Click on this link for her blog.


One Day Training / HypnoReiki™

This course is for : Qualified Reiki Practitioners & Hypnotherapists only:

Training lasts for 5 hours online via Zoom and therefore flexible dates, start times and time zones are accommodated to fit in with existing schedules and can be agreed with Joy when booking your training.

The training course incorporates the teaching of how to apply positive hypnotherapeutic healing suggestions combined with Reiki healing techniques. Included in your 1 to 1 training will be;

– Supervised practice
– Training Manual
– Scripts
– Trademarked Certificate

As a qualified HypnoReiki™practitioner, you will receive an official, authorised HypnoReiki Trademarked Logo which you can use for your marketing and promotion purposes.

Cost of Training: £225

If you are interested in learning HypnoReiki™, please contact Joy to discuss your interest on 07919 051956 or email

This is what some of Joy’s students say about her teaching and training:

“I found the course to be very well run. You thoroughly explained all the way through, the processes and reasons for what we were doing. You are kind and considerate and listened too. Would have been lovely to do it in person, but zoom did the job just as well. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of Reiki and Hypnosis. Thanks once again. I feel very excited about using this wonderful healing modality with friends and clients.” Helen, Bedfordshire UK

“Awesome, very good, everything professional and super helpful. The materials, training manual and schedule so well organised and presented. The scripts are amazing, really good stuff. I would recommend to others, to add to the treatments they offer clients.” Kathryn, Pennsylvania, USA

Natural healing also helps you to heal yourself and have a positive influence on the world. “If we wish to see change in the world, we must first be the change ourselves” – The Buddha

Joy is a member of UK Reiki Federation