Coping with grief at Christmas

Christmas can be a painful time whether it’s your first year without someone who has died, or you were bereaved long ago. I wanted to share my own experience of getting through a time that is associated with being with family and loved ones. Losing a loved one is always hard, but the festive season […]

Sympathy vs Empathy

On Empathy Day, it seems like a good time to clarify the difference between sympathy and empathy, which many people seem to mistakenly regard as the same thing. While the difference can sometimes be quite subtle, there is a clear difference which every good counsellor learns at a very early stage of their training. Put in simple […]

The Physical Side of Stress

The Physical side of Stress As the dreaded lockdown continues to affect all our lives, it is not surprising that so many people are seeking help for stress. Financial worries, not being allowed to see family and friends, worrying about your job and the future, family arguments, being cooped up at home and not allowed […]

Dreams and Hypnotherapy

Blog Swans Therapy November 2020 Dreams and Hypnotherapy When we dream, we are in an altered state of awareness, the alpha state of sleep is when our creative inner world is most active, being our right brain activity. It is also when we are in the deepest state of sleep and that we are relaxed. […]

Importance of Self Care 2020

When we talk about self care, many people seem to link it with being selfish, which is an entirely different thing. “I’m too busy at work/looking after the family/doing the housework – shopping – gardening and many other reasons that we don’t have time to look after ourselves properly. Yet, how can we be in […]

Love in Lockdown

How is your relationship standing up to the strain of Lockdown? We have had a mixture of reactions from clients regarding this question; some are genuinely loving it, being able to spend more time together; having the opportunity to reminisce about good times from the past and making plans for the future. Household chores can […]

How to Feel Happy When You’re S.A.D.

You may be thinking we’ve gone mad, but we haven’t. How can you feel happy when in fact you feel sad? We all put on a brave face sometimes when we aren’t feeling too good, but we’re not talking of the emotion sadness but rather S.A.D, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. What is S.A.D? […]

New Year and a New You

So many people say it each year – it’s a new year so it’s going to be a new me… then often, by February, all resolutions have fallen by the wayside and we end up feeling worse about ourselves than we did the previous year. The thing is; you don’t actually need a totally new […]

How to Beat Those Winter Blues

How to Beat Those Winter Blues

Believe it or not, it is not a coincidence that during the Winter months you almost feel like hiding away, hibernating and waiting for the warmer, brighter weather to reappear. It is also extremely common to feel a little down in the dumps or dare we say, blue. The changing seasons can be beautiful; going […]

How to Pursue Your Ambitions in Life

Setting your goals and ambitions in life is important, it can and should be a massive part of who you are – without a goal, where are you heading? Perhaps you’d like to set goals for each part of your life, family, work, health, spiritually, personal development, fun (you can choose the areas).  Some people […]