Bereavement & Palliative Therapy

All first sessions at a reduced rate of £35.00 for 60min, following sessions £55.00 for 60min, a minimum of 6 -10 sessions usually advised. Therapy sessions can be held online via Zoom for your convenience.

When we are born, the only thing that is certain is that one day we will die. Yet there are no lessons in school, no college courses or university degrees to teach us how to prepare for this certainty. In our western culture, dying is not discussed around the family dinner table or in the local pub, in fact, it is barely mentioned in any aspect of our lives unless forced upon us by a death in our family or of a friend or colleague. How then can we be expected to cope when we are told by our doctor that we have a terminal illness and there is no hope of a cure?

The main thing Joy has learned in her experience of working within this field is that every person reacts differently as this devastating news affects them in so many different ways. Mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually, it will change their self-image and their lifestyle and also change relationships within their family and within their larger community of friends and colleagues. The illness itself will have its own progressive effect, both physically and mentally.

So how can counselling possibly help with all of this?

It is a well-researched and documented fact that people who are prepared for death will die much more peacefully and Joy sees her role as supporting, informing and helping you to prepare for that time as much as possible. As a counsellor/psychotherapist, she will always be empathic, respectful and as open as possible to whatever you wish to discuss, non-judgemental about any regrets you may have and explore with you ways to help resolve any practical matters or concerns that are troubling you, to promote peace within you.

As a qualified hypnotherapist, Joy can teach you relaxation techniques and help with sleep problems. She can also teach self-hypnosis to reduce pain levels to enable you to experience as much comfort as possible in this most challenging time.

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