Couples Coaching

A specialised step by step 12 session programme – £70 per session = £840.00 or at a reduced rate of £780.00 for payment in advance.

Contact Joy using the form provided or call 01202 303722 / 07919 051956 to arrange an appointment.

What is Relationship Couples Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is designed for couples and is ideal for those who either want to save a damaged relationship or resolve issues that are threatening to damage their relationship. It is a very direct solution-focused approach which involves practical tasks and “homework tasks” and practices out of sessions in addition to discussion work. Most couples who undertake the course are really surprised at how quickly results can be achieved.

12 Week Relationship Coaching for Couples Programme.

In Joy’s experience, many couples come to her having sometimes already having been through traditional couple counselling elsewhere but feel that they have not achieved much or received what they need by way of guidance or direction and without the appropriate support the issue they had gone to resolve was still recurring. So they remain feeling stuck, frustrated and unhappy in their relationship. So unlike Couples Counselling, Relationship Coaching for Couples is a solution-focused programme which enables couples to move forward in improving their relationship, partnership or marriage.

This 12 session programme requires that you both, as a couple fully commit to your relationship and each other as an absolute priority over a period of about 3 months as it will require you both to be dedicated to this process in order to achieve the best possible, happy, positive, life-changing, lasting outcome for you both.

Why is it so successful?

Because…the Relationship Coaching Programme enables couples to re-connect and remain connected, because as we personally grow we do so naturally at different times and sometimes in different directions, so you will learn to understand each other better, develop emotional intelligence, build respect for one another, and so give and receive a mutually deeper sense of love and fulfilment with each other in true relationship intimacy.

Online Couples Relationship Coaching/Counselling for your convenience

If time restrictions are preventing you from seeking the support you need, Joy offers sessions online via Zoom. She has found that this is a practical option for couples who are juggling childcare and work issues. Her clients have told her that this really works for them and enabled them to attend sessions together more easily.

Here is what one of her clients had to say:

“I had never experienced  Zoom meetings before our work together and so was a little apprehensive.  However, after our first session, I very quickly got used to talking over Zoom and before long I felt very comfortable with the way it worked.  I quickly forgot we were on Zoom and it felt a very comfortable forum to talk, discuss and chat. 

One huge benefit I found was that of course there was no time having to travel to and from seeing Joy in person,  with Zoom being from the comfort of our own home. 

In terms of being with my husband on a Zoom call together in the same room as a couple, I found this ever so slightly awkward at first but very soon got used to being  together talking to Joy as a couple.  Very quickly it became a positive because we were able to communicate directly and immediately, being sat next to each other, and I even found it a comfort.   I thought here might have been some awkwardness, but there was none. 

Joy guided us in a kind way through any awkwardness on the occasion it may have presented.”

NL, Bournemouth



Relationship Couple Coaching – S and P. Ferndown, Dorset

“The relationship coaching we received has rekindled the spark in our relationship. We both feel so much happier that we are able to communicate properly again, and have relearned how to respect, value, love and care for each other. We both feel like different people, it’s so good to be friends again.”

Relationship Couple Coaching – Mr & Mrs D & J Bournemouth

“My wife and I went to Joy as a last resort. We’d tried other counselling but our problems seemed too deep-set, our positions too entrenched to see a way out.

We were both unsure of the merits of yet seeking more support/advice or opinion; whether seeing yet somebody else would have any long term benefit. We felt “all talked out” with nothing new to add, stuck. Joy very quickly showed us she has a different approach. Not so much the “he said, she said” and revisiting old arguments and resentments. Rather she gave us real, practical, common-sense methods and techniques to try. She even managed to smile while listening to the tedious details of yet another domestic row; quite a skill that!

Our time with Joy has turned us around. We are still together, happier and putting what we have been taught into practice daily.
We are pleased to recommend Swans Therapy, and Joy in particular, to any couple looking for a fresh approach to their relationship challenges”

 Relationship Couple Coaching – E & B, Bournemouth

‘After a lot of strain was put on mine and my partners relationship previously, resulting in a messy breakup, getting back together was never going to be smooth.

Fortunately, we decided to invest in relationship coaching sessions with Joy, which allowed us to resolve the issues that were getting in our way and rebuild our relationship to be stronger than it has ever been. She taught us to understand each other on a deeper level, improved our communication and made us think about the reasons behind our conflicts to allow us to rebuild a healthy, functional relationship and happy environment for our son.

I would absolutely recommend Joy to anyone looking to resolve relationship or personal issues effectively.’

Relationship Couple Coaching – N & A, Bournemouth

‘My husband and I had been in a rut for a very long time to the point we did not know how to climb out of it. Neither of us made each other feel special anymore but didn’t want to address the elephant in the room, choosing to bury our heads.

Finally we plucked up courage to address us and found Joy. The best decision we have ever made. Thanks Joy.’

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