Why HypnoReiki™?

It simply is the BEST anti-stress and anxiety treatment which speeds up transformational healing and change.

The technique which Joy has created embraces both hypnotherapy and reiki into one powerful yet gentle enjoyable healing session. It is beneficial on every single level mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • The use of hypnotherapeutic language patterns combined with the deep relaxation of reiki enhances the process of clearing and cleansing the body’s natural flow of energy opening up & allowing universal life energy to flow through the chakras (energy centres) producing a deeper state of comfort and calm.
  • The use of positive suggestions whilst in this deeply relaxed state balances the body’s natural energy system will encourage and reinforce health and well – being, dispelling stress and anxiety and relieving both physical and emotional pain or distress. Ensuring optimal mental clarity, promoting good/ healthy sleep and relief from any aches and pains.

HypnoReiki ™️ is a hugely empowering, peaceful and relaxing experience.

A bit of history : As I have worked with several people over many years as an integrated counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and coach as well as a reiki master teacher practitioner I have found that people’s difficulties manifest themselves through their experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. Irrespective of the issue they come to me to solve, their anxiety and stress levels have a negative impact on all aspects of their lives, affecting their relationships, business life, work, career, studies, family, as well as personal and social lives. The counselling models and techniques I use to help are successful and hypnotherapy sessions and techniques either used in isolation or part of their treatment plan further speed up the process of change. While some people prefer Reiki energy healing treatment sessions which is deeply relaxing and successful. So I wondered how successful would it be to blend Hypnotherapy with Reiki together.

Trials: So when I decided to actually act on this idea to develop a HypnoReiki ™ treatment method I invited several willing people who experienced different challenging lifestyles, professions and occupations, both male and female to ‘try out’. I knew they would be the sort of people who would give me genuine and honest feedback, which I always appreciate. They had either a) experienced hypnosis or reiki before; b) experienced both, or c) had experienced neither. The results were, I am delighted to say, all positive. At the end of their sessions and their follow up comments weeks later were and remained very positive

The actual HypnoReiki ™ method and high level of treatment and relaxation received was reported as being incredibly positive and successful. You can read some of their comments and praise on the Testimonials page on this site and I am pleased to say HypnoReiki ™ clients have continued to enjoy the benefits ever since.

As a consequence I had my HypnoReiki ™ method protected by its Trade Mark

Excel in wellness, exuberance and serenity with HypnoReiki ™

Want to become a HypnoReiki ™ Practitioner?: In order for my HypnoReiki ™ method to be more widely accessible I offer a one day certificated training course to teach other practitioners, please see my Training Page contact me if you are interested. N.B you will need to be a certified, qualified Hypnotherapist and a certified Reiki Practitioner or above to apply joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk

HypnoReiki™ Home Visits only. £75.00 per 60 mins session.

Contact Joy using the form provided or call 01202 303722 / 07919 051956 to arrange an appointment.

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