Coping with Illness

Having a long-term, or chronic, illness can disrupt your life in many ways. You may often be tired and in pain. Your illness might affect your appearance or your physical abilities and independence. You may not be able to work, causing financial problems. Chronic illnesses can be frightening.

These changes can cause stress, anxiety and anger. If they do, it is important to seek help. A trained counsellor can help you develop strategies to regain a feeling of control. Self-hypnosis and self-help tools give you back a feeling of being in control and help you feel better about yourself, as testimonials from our previous clients confirm.

Support groups might help, too. You will find that you are not alone, and you may learn some new tips on how to cope.

All first sessions at a reduced rate – £35 per 60min session for counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.

Following sessions:

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy – £55 per 60 min session, usually 6 – 8 sessions recommended
  • Hypnotherapy – £65 per 60 min session, 4 – 6 sessions advised
  • Reiki – Home Visits available £55 per 60 min session.
  • HypnoReiki – Home visits available £75 per 60 min session. 


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Family and Friends

If someone you love is diagnosed with cancer or a life-threatening disease, you may feel desperate and completely helpless. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Research has shown that family and friends can play a huge role in helping people deal with a chronic illness. When a person is suffering from a chronic illness, it’s important that they feel truly cared about. What matters most is how people interact with the sick person.

Are you a Carer?

However, being a long term carer of somebody who is very ill or dependant on you for day to day support can also be very stressful and difficult. Many carers feel alone, isolated and can become depressed. Reaching out for help for yourself is very important too.
Joy has written a blog about this which is posted on this site called ‘Who cares for the carer?

“Thank you Joy, for helping me to turn my life around, for 5 years I have had serious M.E. following the removal of a brain tumour. I had 5 nervous breakdowns that kept putting me back to bed for a year and then 3 years mainly housebound with constant headaches, dizziness and pain everywhere. I had dreadful agoraphobia and panic attacks if I tried to go outside.
The isolation and loneliness was depressing as friends and family just got on with their lives and the medical profession could offer no help at all. Since that first nervous phone call things have really changed, it turned out I had a whole lot of issues from way back that were never dealt with, I never had anyone to turn to.
You have helped me come to terms with a whole lot of personal past pressures in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. Sometimes counselling got difficult so it was followed by a hypnotherapy for calming and relaxing and best of all inner peace.
Over time, I now have a life, cheerful and positive with more energy. At last I can seek out more interesting and fun courses outside the house. There is a positive future and at last, fun too. What a turnaround – unbelievable!
Why did I wait so long to talk to somebody, I am very fortunate to have met you, Joy. Thank you again for your patience with a deep understanding and kindness”

M.E. + Agorophobia and Panic Attacks – Mrs Y G. Bournemouth

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