Fear & Phobias

There is always a reason and a cause if you are experiencing any fear or phobia.

You may not consciously know or even remember why this may be, or how it started, so therapy will help you to explore this, to understand yourself and then to overcome it. You can even ‘pick up’ a fear or phobia from somebody else, usually a close member of your family such as your mother or brother etc.

The most common fears and phobias we deal with are flying, spiders, snakes, heights and dentists, but there are many others too. It is usually connected to a sense of not being in control, powerlessness and lack of trust.

In addition, if you are worried or fearful of something, this negative thinking becomes an unhealthy and unwanted habit embedded in your thoughts influencing your emotions, your physical body’s reactions and then your actions.

All first sessions at a reduced rate – £35 per 60min session for counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.

Following sessions:

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy – £55 per 60 min session, usually 6 – 8 sessions recommended
  • Hypnotherapy – £65 per 60 min session, 4 – 6 sessions advised
  • Reiki – Home Visits available £55 per 60 min session.
  • HypnoReiki – Home visits available £75 per 60 min session. 


Contact Joy using the form provided or call 01202 303722 / 07919 051956 to arrange an appointment.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way of addressing these types of issues and concerns so please see our Hypnotherapy page for more information and testimonials, here is one:

“Fear of eye surgery was making me very stressed. After the first session with Joy, I was able to cope with what I was going to have done. I had 4 sessions and on day of surgery, I was very relaxed and calm. I cannot thank Joy enough for her kindness and help.”

Fear of Eye Surgery Mrs M A. Bournemouth

“As promised my flight and holiday update – It all went very well!!

I was a teeny bit nervous waiting to get on the plane but that was for about 10mins max (I did the 5 and 3) but after that it was great. Couldn’t believe it. Amazing experience. I was chatting away looking out of the window, laughing. Looking at the landing through the window, it was amazing to be honest.

Didn’t really think about it when we were there and coming home was a breeze. The holiday was lovely and relaxing… Thank you so much for your help as without it, I would have still gone on holiday, but been a nervous wreck before during and after.

You Star!”

Fear of Flying, Chris G, Bournemouth

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