Habits & Addiction

These are repetitive unhelpful thoughts, reactions, actions and behaviours which have become ingrained and have a negative impact on your well being, and over a period of time these bad habits can become addictions as they become too difficult to break without treatment and assistance.

Nail biting, skin picking, teeth clenching, snoring, poor sleep etc are habits. Addictions are smoking, taking illegal and prescribed drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, etc. With both Hypnotherapy and Counselling Joy can help you to understand and change your relationship to the unwanted habit or addiction.

All first sessions at a reduced rate – £35 per 60min session for counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.

Following sessions:

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy – £55 per 60 min session, usually 6 – 8 sessions recommended
  • Hypnotherapy – £65 per 60 min session, 4 – 6 sessions advised
  • Reiki – Home Visits available £55 per 60 min session.
  • HypnoReiki – Home visits available £75 per 60 min session. 


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This will promote an amazing sense of release for you, boost your confidence and enhance a healthier, happier lifestyle as this client said:

“I had tried to give up smoking so many times, but always fell back into the same old habit after a while. I could feel that it was really starting to affect my health, getting out of breath very quickly and often coughing in the mornings. When I was told that it would only take one session of hypnotherapy I was a bit doubtful, but the session was quite an intense experience and I came away feeling so positive and confident, quite clear in my own mind that I really was a ‘non-smoker’. The follow-up session was also invaluable as it helped me to deal with the cravings and understand other after-effects. I wish I had done it years ago, I could have saved a fortune!”

Addiction Stop Smoking – D B, Parkstone, Poole

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