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All first sessions at a reduced rate – £35 per 60min session for counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.

Following sessions:

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy – £50 per 60 min session, usually 6 – 8 sessions recommended
  • Hypnotherapy – £60 per 60 min session, 4 – 6 sessions advised
  • Reiki – £50 first session per 90 mins, following sessions £45.00 per 60 mins, number of sessions individually assessed.
  • HypnoReiki – £85 per 90 min session, number of sessions individually assessed.

There are many stresses and strains which impact the education profession today, and throughout the whole school.

Both inside and outside pressures on senior managers, subject area leaders, teaching staff and all learning support workers to perform come under enormous pressures.

The outside pressures of school inspections and league tables and the internal pressures and workloads. Frequent appraisals, classroom observations, assessments, evaluations and performance-related pay create an environment of constant pressure as schools aspire to obtain top quality teaching and examination results.

These pressures inevitably can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of staff.

Some schools are excellent in providing appropriate support for their staff and others are not.

It is not just children and students that are bullied at school, adult staff can also experience unreasonable behaviour and too high expectations from their colleagues or being mismanaged.

Having a therapeutic service available to provide appropriate support for staff to get their emotional needs met, and be understood, can be a great asset and have a very positive impact on the whole school environment.

Contact Joy using the form provided or call 01202 303722 / 07919 051956 to arrange an appointment.

“Very quickly staff recognised the value of counselling or hypnotherapy and Joy has supported many staff throughout this year. Although I appreciate this is a confidential service, some staff have been willing to share their positive experiences with others, resulting in a more supportive work environment.
I have found Joy to be reliable, confidential and highly professional. She is also a qualified teacher and fully understands the pressures and difficulties staff have in an educational environment.”

Professional Therapeutic Services in Schools – Mrs S A. Headteacher, Poole.

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