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How to Get Over A Break-Up

“It’s hard asking someone with a broken heart to fall in love again.” Eric Kripke Most of us have been there and some of us more times than we care to count. The physical structure of a heart and its function are so strong. It sustains us, keeps us alive, keeps us moving, functioning, existing. […]

Is there a happily ever after for your relationship?

Growing up, our minds are filled with stories of princesses and princes, adventures and excitement but with one primary ending and that is that they all live happily ever after. It is no wonder then that as we grow up, we go looking for our own special someone to walk off into the sunset with. […]

January, the break-up month?

Cold temperatures aren’t the only thing frosty about January – a new study has revealed that January is the most popular time to end a relationship – The top five reasons for this were revealed as the continued impact of Christmas stress, wanting a fresh start in the New Year, financial problems, depressing weather and […]