January, the break-up month?

Cold temperatures aren’t the only thing frosty about January – a new study has revealed that January is the most popular time to end a relationship – The top five reasons for this were revealed as the continued impact of Christmas stress, wanting a fresh start in the New Year, financial problems, depressing weather and family pressures pulling partners apart.

Is your relationship worth saving?

If you currently find yourself in a struggling relationship that’s on the brink of collapse, but you believe deserves your effort, don’t give up. There are ways to save your struggling relationship – here are some tips:

Re-evaluate the reasons you’re together.
Do something special together.
Cut out external influences.
Forgive each other.
Seek professional help & couple’s therapy

The idea of being present in an unfamiliar room with only your partner and a third party may even feel like a path to further conflict, rather than reconnection. However, with the right professional help, couples can move toward a better understanding of their feelings, overcome their issues and reconnect. By starting with the basics, we can begin to demystify the process and breakdown the misconceptions which surround this type of therapy.

We offer a 12 week programme in Relationship Couple Coaching

Relationship Coaching is designed for couples and is ideal for those who either want to save a damaged relationship, or resolve issues that are threatening to damage their relationship. It is a very direct solution-focused approach which involves practical tasks and “homework tasks” and practice out of sessions in addition to discussion work. Most couples who undertake the course are really surprised at how quickly results can be achieved.

In our experience many couples come to us having already having been through traditional couple counselling elsewhere but feel that they have not achieved much or received what they need by way of guidance or direction and without the appropriate support the issue they had gone to resolve was still recurring. So they remain feeling stuck, frustrated and unhappy in their relationship. So unlike Couples Counselling, Relationship Coaching for Couples is a solution focused programme which enables couples to move forward in improving their relationship, partnership or marriage.

Our 12 session programme requires that you both, as a couple fully commit to your relationship and each other as an absolute priority over a period of about 3 months as it will require you both to be dedicated to this process in order to achieve the best possible, happy, positive, life changing, lasting outcome for you both.
Many couples have achieved and enjoyed this result!

Why is it so successful?
Because… our Relationship Coaching Programme enables couples to re-connect and remain connected, because as we personally grow we do so naturally at different times and sometimes in different directions, so you will learn to understand each other better, develop emotional intelligence, build respect for one another, and so give and receive a mutually deeper sense of love and fulfilment with each other in true relationship intimacy.

Couples therapy need not be the elephant in the room. Often all that is needed is a professional to take us out of our regular routine and help us step back, allowing for an unobstructed view of the relationship. By dispersing the cloud of conflict we can begin the process of rebuilding productively and without fear. If you’re interested in knowing more about how couples therapy works and what it can do for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Recent Testimonial

“It was hard for me to accept the idea that we needed couples therapy at first. We commit for the 12 sessions (3 months) expecting to get to know each other better. Joy has been extremely patient with us. She gave us practical tools and we found out a lot of things about the other half and about ourselves too. I would advise anyone to go to therapy even if you don’t feel like you need it. You will learn powerful techniques that take off layers of misunderstanding and bad habit, so you can express your true self. This experience gave us so much more than we expected, and I am extremely grateful to Joy for her guidance. “

E. F. , Bournemouth


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