Dreams and Hypnotherapy

Blog Swans Therapy November 2020 Dreams and Hypnotherapy When we dream, we are in an altered state of awareness, the alpha state of sleep is when our creative inner world is most active, being our right brain activity. It is also when we are in the deepest state of sleep and that we are relaxed. […]

How to Feel Happy When You’re S.A.D.

You may be thinking we’ve gone mad, but we haven’t. How can you feel happy when in fact you feel sad? We all put on a brave face sometimes when we aren’t feeling too good, but we’re not talking of the emotion sadness but rather S.A.D, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. What is S.A.D? […]

Importance of Self Care 2020

When we talk about self care, many people seem to link it with being selfish, which is an entirely different thing. “I’m too busy at work/looking after the family/doing the housework – shopping – gardening and many other reasons that we don’t have time to look after ourselves properly. Yet, how can we be in […]

Love in Lockdown

How is your relationship standing up to the strain of Lockdown? We have had a mixture of reactions from clients regarding this question; some are genuinely loving it, being able to spend more time together; having the opportunity to reminisce about good times from the past and making plans for the future. Household chores can […]

How to Beat Those Winter Blues

How to Beat Those Winter Blues

Believe it or not, it is not a coincidence that during the Winter months you almost feel like hiding away, hibernating and waiting for the warmer, brighter weather to reappear. It is also extremely common to feel a little down in the dumps or dare we say, blue. The changing seasons can be beautiful; going […]

How to Pursue Your Ambitions in Life

Setting your goals and ambitions in life is important, it can and should be a massive part of who you are – without a goal, where are you heading? Perhaps you’d like to set goals for each part of your life, family, work, health, spiritually, personal development, fun (you can choose the areas).  Some people […]

Top Tips for Maintaining a Relationship

When you ask a couple in this day and age how long they have been together, it seems as if the longer they say, the more shocked we are. It used to be the norm that once you married someone that was your forever, but divorce rates are still on the rise and long-term relationships […]

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

a sign saying 'make this day great'

Sometimes it can be really hard to find that get up and go and we feel less than motivated all too often. This can happen because of burnout, overwhelm or sometimes just because. The trouble is it can leave us feeling unmotivated and lazy throughout the day. You make goals, but then you procrastinate, and […]

4 Top Tips for Self-Improvement

We are fans of self-improvement and believe it is never too late to make changes or switch directions with your life, in fact, we are a true testament to that ourselves. It is essentially what life is all about; growing, learning and loving the experience. There are so many books, courses, videos out there to […]

Is wellness just a trend or a necessity?

Things come into fashion and go out of fashion all the time don’t they? In today’s modern age we call it trending or the latest trend which often refers to the most popular topics of conversation on whichever social media platform you happen to be enjoying at the time. We’ve recently seen the revival of […]