How to achieve work/life balance 

It’s International Week of Happiness at Work from 19th-25th September 2022.

The word ‘work’ covers such a diversity these days that it is impossible to cover every type of job in a short blog like this. However, there are some general thoughts and tips that may help you to find a better balance between work, home and social life.

From working with our clients at Swans Therapy, we are very aware that in most workplaces there seems to be more and more pressure to perform, to keep up, to raise your game and meet targets. This pressure can come directly from management, from work colleagues or from outside sources like clients and customers.

We generally find that one of the main ways to reduce stress at work is good communication. Being able to voice your opinions in a calm and positive way, but also a constructive and helpful way. This is being assertive.

Many people confuse being assertive with being aggressive, which is never helpful, but assertiveness is something very different from aggression.

Assertiveness means being able to express your own opinions and feelings, being able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty, being able to ask for what you want. “It’s saying what you mean, meaning what you say, without being mean.” This is also being respectful to others while getting your point across.

Above all, you must be honest, if you base your statement on a lie it is very easy for someone to argue against. If possible, plan ahead so that you know what you are going to say and be prepared for the likely response. It’s a good idea to practice with family or a friend at first, once you become more confident, it will change your life for the better.

One final tip: when you leave work, learn to switch off, work is work and home and social life are a different part of you. Don’t take your work problems home, you need the break. Make time for hobbies and interests and spending quality time with your family and friends, which will help to bring balance to all aspects of your life.

For more information look for ‘Transactional Analysis’ online. There is some great information and tips that will improve your communication skills.


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