Confidence Therapy

This Confidence Therapy program will help to relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life, enabling you to deal with minor problems and situations as they arise, instead of allowing them to grow into major headaches, which then seem too big to tackle. You will learn some useful communication skills like how to speak assertively rather than shouting to make your point or keeping quiet and saying nothing at all.

When you feel confident, life just seems so much easier, you see obstacles as a challenge to be met, rather than a barrier to stop you from moving on. You are happy to share your opinions with others rather than being afraid you may say the wrong thing and appear stupid. You find it easier to try new things, maybe something you have wanted to do for years, but have held back, worried about what others may think of you.

Many people feel anxious about social situations. Whether a small dinner party with people you don’t know, a large gathering with many strangers or having to give a speech in public, even at a wedding or party, where most of the audience is friends and family. We often think of reasons for ourselves not to go, not sure what to wear, won’t know what to say, will there be anyone there I know? And many other excuses, which only serve to increase anxiety. Learning how to be confident will allow you to enjoy any social occasion, feeling confident talking to strangers, relaxed and calm in all situations.

  • You will learn simple relaxation techniques to help you feel calm wherever or whatever you are doing.
  • You will learn useful communication skills, enabling you to feel comfortable talking to anyone.
  • You will be given a boost for your own self-worth and self-esteem, enabling you to feel so much better about yourself
  • You will learn to be comfortable in any social situation.

There is a tried and tested formula for all of our six-session programs, but each can be adapted to your particular needs after an initial discussion and assessment in the first session.

All first sessions at a reduced rate – £35.00 per 60 min session for counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & personal coaching.

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