How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You

Being under hypnosis or in the state of hypnosis can best be described as being in a place of highly focused attention but with heightened levels of suggestibility. Hypnosis can also bring about an extreme sense of relaxation, though not in all cases as it depends on the purpose of the hypnosis. The word hypnosis […]

Reiki Training, a Student’s Perspective

It is such a joy to be able to pass on knowledge to someone in order for them to move forwards in their own lives. Here at Swans Therapy we offer a variety of trainings and workshops which we are passionate about.  Recently, our very own John completed his Level 3 Reiki training, taught of […]

Top tips to building confidence

There is a certain sadness around the fact that some people never reach their full potential due to a lack of confidence within themselves. Without confidence and self-esteem, we often won’t make risky decisions and fall back on the safe and familiar. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, if you are a driven person […]

Is wellness just a trend or a necessity?

Things come into fashion and go out of fashion all the time don’t they? In today’s modern age we call it trending or the latest trend which often refers to the most popular topics of conversation on whichever social media platform you happen to be enjoying at the time. We’ve recently seen the revival of […]

Is there a happily ever after for your relationship?

Growing up, our minds are filled with stories of princesses and princes, adventures and excitement but with one primary ending and that is that they all live happily ever after. It is no wonder then that as we grow up, we go looking for our own special someone to walk off into the sunset with. […]

Is it time to pursue your passion and purpose?

It’s a new year and for some this means nothing other than a new calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen. For others it can mean the start of something altogether brand new and exciting! Perhaps this is the year that you are going to invest more in yourself, don’t forget that we can […]

Dealing with the Overwhelm of Parenthood

No matter how much you read, buy or get ready, nothing can really and truly prepare you for becoming a parent. You can have a knowledge and understanding of how to care for a baby but when your own arrives the feelings that engulf you are unlike any other and parenthood is both an emotional […]

How to Survive Large Gatherings

It may seem like a silly thing to some – why would you need to survive a large gathering? You go, you laugh, you talk, you drink and eat and have a good time. For some, yes this is how a gathering of friends, family, colleagues will go. However, for others, it is not like […]

Aviophobia: Cope with Fear of Flying

Summer Holiday around the Corner? Time to deal with your fear of flying! Today, flying is both the fastest and easiest mode of transport. But many of us are terrorised by the mere thought of boarding a plane. So, how can we deal with this anxiety? Being afraid of flying is a surprisingly common condition […]