Here’s Something for You to Think About

Imagine that you win the lottery this weekend …

“FANTASTIC” I hear you shout, but will all that money make you truly happy? For so many people it has changed their lives forever, but can that initial happiness be maintained?

Most people will probably spend the first six months to a year making quite drastic life changes, give up your job, new house, new cars, holidays to those faraway places you always dreamed of, but what then? Take a few minutes to think about it. You don’t see your work mates any more, people who have been friends for years, you just don’t move in the same circle now, besides most of them will be very jealous and probably don’t really want to see you any more You have moved away from your neighbours into that big new house miles away. Sure, you will probably have some new friends, but do they really like you for yourself or because you have money?

I guess the real question is what does happiness really mean to you, to define your own idea of happiness think of occasions when you have felt really good, think of your finest hour, how did that feel for you?

What was it that made you feel so good? After all you didn’t have all that lottery money then. Of course it gives us pleasure to be able to buy things we want, but that pleasure is fleeting, real happiness comes from within us, it is our right and our choice how we feel.

By making small changes in our thought patterns and changing the way we view things around us, looking at things in a positive way and not dwelling on the negatives our whole life can be transformed.

In the words of the song, “it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have”


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