How to Survive Christmas

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed in the countdown to Christmas? You are not alone! To help you stay relaxed and enjoy the festive time, we’ve put some Christmas survival tips together. Do you have some strategies and tips? Share them with us!

Do not try to please everyone this Christmas
It is an unachievable and totally impossible task! The perfect Christmas exists only on TV or in our imagination. Let go of the fantasy and focus on enjoying the festive time with all its imperfections! Lower your expectations. Not everyone will get on. The food might get burnt. People won’t always love their gifts. It doesn’t matter. Breathe and Relax! Spend time with the people you love and enjoy being with.

Enjoy alcohol and food mindfully
Drinking a few glasses of prosecco in good company is great but be mindful of how it affects your mood and of course don’t ever drink and drive! Christmas is not the time to crash diet. Keep your blood sugar stable by eating regularly. Avoid over-hunger and you will be less likely to over-eat at the buffet spread. Try not to ban or label foods ‘forbidden’ this Christmas as this will leave you feeling deprived. You will then be more likely to binge or over-eat later as the backlash against restraint. Decide the foods you want to enjoy. Sit down, eat slowly, savour and taste every scrumptious mouthful.

Don’t be shy to ask for help
You don’t have to do it all yourself! Give yourself permission to share the work and ask for help. If you are spending time with young children (your own or otherwise) pause to embrace the fun and wonder of Christmas through their eyes in the midst of the festive chaos. Remember to see the funny side. Humour goes a long way to improving sanity.

Look after yourself
If you feel overwhelmed with the noise, chatter and steady stream of socialising, take time out and remember to breathe. Adopt a positive mindset and bring this optimistic and hopeful energy to your interactions. Take some time out for yourself. Go for a walk. Have some fresh air. Go and read your book for half an hour. You will feel refreshed for it. And keep in mind – it is not worth getting into debt at Christmas. Take the financial burden off yourself by avoiding the lure of the material train.

Spread Kindness and Love
Many people feel especially lonely at Christmas as the focus is all about togetherness and sharing. Reach out to friends, neighbours, family or even consider volunteering. Acceptance, tolerance, patience and understanding are all underrated. Practise and practise some more. Recognise your own cherished traditions and celebrate these rather than carrying on with rituals you feel obligated to do.

Christmas day is only one day of the year. Keep this in perspective. There will be other opportunities to share quality time and create memories with your loved ones.


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