How to Pursue Your Ambitions in Life

Setting your goals and ambitions in life is important, it can and should be a massive part of who you are – without a goal, where are you heading?

Perhaps you’d like to set goals for each part of your life, family, work, health, spiritually, personal development, fun (you can choose the areas).  Some people use a wheel of life to help them to see where they are with each section of their life and how much they are moving towards their goals.

Whether it’s completing a triathlon, building your own business, getting married, losing weight, learning a new skill, everything is achievable.You simply have to get your mind in the right place and if you’re struggling to achieve your ambitions then perhaps your mindset needs a little adjusting.

Be Inspired

The goals you set for life should be personal to you and should inspire you to reach new levels that you perhaps previously thought weren’t possible. Don’t follow the paths of others or set goals which are the hopes of your family and friends rather than your own. Pursue your passion and something that genuinely interests you, then you will find the motivation you need to get up and go.

Just Do It

We often attach the phrase “one day” to our goals and never dream about that one-day actually being today. This is the lazy way. You need to change your mindset in order to make those dreams happen. Stop scrolling through life wishing for that perfect job, lifestyle, love that you have always wanted. You will never get them unless you get up and become proactive about achieving them.

Only Positivity

You’d be really surprised by the effect that negative thoughts can have on the mind and body.

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” Earl Nightingale.

If you are putting negativity out into the world then the chances are it’s going to do a U-turn and come right back around to you. Instead, use positive affirmations such as “you can do this” and “you’ve got this.” Having a ‘can-do’ attitude is so important.

Don’t Obsess

It is easy to become all consumed with achieving your goals but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Achieving your goals can become almost like an addiction but as with all these things, sooner or later you’ll burn out and those negative thoughts will come creeping back in. Having the drive and get up and go is good but you also need to remember to rest and recuperate like everyone else – you’re only human!

Set yourself a timetable and include days to push and drive forwards but also time to switch off and employ a little self-care to ensure that you make it to that end goal in one piece!

Setting goals and achieving them is not always easy. There are no shortcuts or easy routes, but that’s what makes the experience so rewarding.


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