Sober for October?

Yes, here we go again. You may feel the annual pressure on you to stop drinking alcohol for a whole month. For many people who would really benefit from Sober October, it conjures up a lot of negatives. No social life at the pub, not seeing friends, not enjoying a drink in front of Netflix etc in the evening and I’m sure you can come up with a few more. 

Tried it before? Most people have had a go, maybe even made it halfway through the month, maybe even got all the way through, which is great. However, a high percentage of people will celebrate their abstinence with a drink on November 1st and forget all about it again until next year

So, let’s look at the positives of taking regular alcohol breaks that we can look forward to.

  • First of all, it’s just a short break, although if you want to make it permanent, it’s a great way to start. You’re not alone, lots of other people will be doing ‘Sober for October’ too.

  • Giving yourself a break from alcohol, even just a short break, can have so many health benefits, as well as the obvious financial benefits. How much do you spend on alcohol in a month?

  • Your internal organs will start to repair themselves from the chemical damage and function better, particularly the liver and kidneys (the body has amazing powers of re-generation once the source of the damage is removed). 

  • You will start to sleep better. While alcohol doesn’t necessarily prevent sleep, it does affect the type of sleep, particularly the deeper stages, which are essential for the body to carry out repairs. 

  • Your brain will function better without the chemicals in alcohol. Your thoughts will be clearer, quicker and more focussed, better able to think clearly and solve problems.

  • Your general health will improve, feeling better, stronger, fitter with the alcohol free blood pumping around your body, cleansing from the inside.

  • There are so many really delicious alcohol free alternative drinks on the market now. You may find something you like enough to make it a regular addition when you want the social side of the pub or club without the alcohol
  • So let’s see Sober for October in a more positive light, one short month to give your body and mind a chance feel fitter, stronger, cleansed and clear. 
A great opportunity for a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detox.




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