Tips to avoid stress, anxiety and strain on relationships this Christmas

Christmas is seen as a time of love, joy and peace to mankind… unless of course you have young children or a big family and then it can be a mad dash to get a crazy amount of stuff ready all just for one day. What people don’t expect or perhaps predict is that Christmas can have major negative affects on relationships either with family or a partner.

According to a study carried out by The Independent, December 11th is the most popular day for couples to break up prior to the Christmas period. This can be due to many reasons e.g. you haven’t been dating long, anxiety over a present, not wanting someone to meet your family during the holiday season.

It is quite clear that people want to be loved or in love at Christmas because dating sites such as report that their search and member numbers soar during the Christmas period and interestingly on Christmas day which is also the day people are least likely to break up during the festive period.

As I said at the beginning, Christmas is meant to be a time for joy and laughter and yet for one reason or another for a lot of people it isn’t and it can have a damaging effect. The stress, worry and anxiety that some have over Christmas or the social atmosphere that Christmas creates means that relationships between partners and families are put under huge amounts of strain and some simply cannot withstand the weight of it and fall apart.

Of course, this isn’t what Christmas is all about so we’ve put together some great tips to avoid pre-Christmas panic but there are also ways to help yourself cope if you suddenly feel that stress, overwhelm, anxiety or perhaps anger rising up;

  • Try and get as much sleep as possible
  • Take a walk in the fresh air
  • Don’t forget it’s meant to be a special day for you too
  • Ask for help or support from those around you
  • Be sensible about what you eat
  • Be mindful of how much you drink
  • Enjoy your holidays moment by moment

Living with healthy boundaries substantially reduces the anxiety that comes from self-esteem and relationship issues.

Take some time doing the things you love and want to do is a great way to celebrate the Christmas season and increase the quality of your life experience. This isn’t being selfish but authentic. Having healthy boundaries is essential to living authentically for you and with the one or ones you love.


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