Reiki Training, a Student’s Perspective

It is such a joy to be able to pass on knowledge to someone in order for them to move forwards in their own lives. Here at Swans Therapy we offer a variety of trainings and workshops which we are passionate about.  Recently, our very own John completed his Level 3 Reiki training, taught of course by Joy. We thought it would be both interesting and beneficial to all our clients and prospective learners, to hear about what the experience is like in terms of both learning from Joy and the Reiki training experience as a whole.


Why did John originally want to study Reiki? Well, when Joy first learned Reiki, she often practiced her techniques on John as a willing supporter. He quickly learned how beneficial Reiki could be for total relaxation and wellbeing as well as curing any aches and pains but didn’t understand how it worked.

As Joy progressed through the levels, he could feel her power was increasing and with his rational and logical mind, became more curious to understand where this powerful energy came from and how. The obvious way to find out was to learn Reiki for himself.

Starting the Journey

Once Joy had qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher and started putting her own training program together, John asked if he could be one of her first students to which she readily agreed. So along with her other first student, Joe, John undertook Reiki Level 1 training back in September 2017.

Following the completion of Level 1, it is essential to practice what you have learned and build up your own energy and according to the UK Reiki federation there should be an adequate time for that to happen before going on to Level 2.

John spent months practising on friends, Joy and at Reiki Share meet-ups before feeling ready to embark on Level 2 back in March 2018 and has now also completed his Reiki Level 3 training too.

The Experience

As with anything new, you never know what to expect from the unknown and John felt the same way about Level 3. He felt happy and confident with his journey as a practitioner and didn’t understand what other benefits becoming a Reiki Master could give him.

Without giving too much away, Joy assured him that it would be quite a big step in his development, so when the opportunity arose, he joined the lovely lady that he had worked with for Level 2 to achieve the next level.

He immediately felt the increase in energy flowing through him and Joy’s teaching and the way everything was explained clearly as well as the practical tasks brought a much greater and deeper understanding than he had imagined.

The difference in energy was much more powerful than he had expected and with that his level of confidence increased too.

Who Can Become a Reiki Healer?

When asked what three things you need to become a Reiki healer, John responded with the following;

“One of the most important things is to be comfortable with people and be able to put them at ease so that they can relax and enjoy the treatment. You also need understanding, empathy and compassion, Reiki is about having the right intention to help the client in the best way possible. The third thing I would choose is trust, the ability to trust in the power of Reiki. The practitioner is the channel for the universal energy, not necessarily in control of it. You learn to trust that the energy will go where it is needed and do what it needs to do even if you are unaware of the problem.”


For anyone that is interested in learning Reiki, Joy will always meet with them first to get to know them a little, to discuss the course and answer any questions.

Before becoming a highly qualified Therapist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach, Joy spent many years as a very successful secondary school teacher and has carried her knowledge and skills thought to her Reiki courses.  She has even gone on to be the founder of HypnoReiki™.

She is very thorough and patient, explaining everything clearly and has produced some excellent course material that each student is given as a manual for future use and a professional certificate is also awarded on completion of each level.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a Reiki healer, do get in touch


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